Shoe Art ~1~

Along the River Bank

Some of these designs are very much for the Faerie in you, delicate slippers made from flowers, leaves and swirling shapes very much from the Faerie Realm. 


The Rêver Boot was inspired by Erin Morgensterns book The Night Circus.  A gorgeous and wonderfully curious tale that just called out for a shoe or boot to be designed using some of the many interesting and unusual images the book created in my mind.


The Harlequin shoe is another product conjured up due to my fascination with the Carnivale di Venezia which also inspired the masks on the Masks, Birds and Butterflies page and just incase you were wondering M's shoe is Maleficent's Shoe but i'm sure you guessed that one!  Also lots more to enjoy, something for everyone I hope.



Fairy Lights
Rose Red
Fairy Fall Shoe
Fuchsia Fairy Shoe
Faerie Pavilion
Argentine Tango
Bluebell Wood
Stars and Stripes
Starry Starry Night
M's Shoe
Victorian Lace
Stained Glass Slipper
Thai Pink
Flight of Fancy
A Spot of Baroque
All Wrapped Up
Gossamer Slipper

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