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Rose Red
Rose Red

Sally King Design 

Hello and Welcome to my Website

Thank you for taking the time to visit, I hope you, your familiy and friends are all as well as you can be in these uncertain times. 

I hope my designs give you a little respite from the days we now live in and my personal hope is that when we eventually come through this (positivity in all things) governments and individuals alike will pay more attention to what is really important for us to continue to live on this planet in a more caring and environmentally sustainable way.

Please Stay Safe Everyone


Shoes & Gallery

This website is the home of my Shoe Collection I have also included a Gallery of some of my other designs and artwork.

The images I create have had many different uses over the years some of which you can read about on the

I hope you enjoy your time here and return often to see what’s new.



NEWS about the SHOES

My shoe designs are now available from iCanvas as Giclée Prints which are available on heavyweight fine art paper or canvas.  

Fine Art Paper Prints come in a choice sizes and frame colour.

Canvas a Prints also come in a choice of sizes which you can have framed or unframed there is also a choice of canvas depth.


Below are some of my designs in room settings

There are lots more designs to choose from on iCanvas why not take a peek.


Toepiary (Shoe Art 3)
Toepiary (Shoe Art 3)
Down South. (Shoe Art 2)
Down South. (Shoe Art 2)
Along the River Bank.  (Shoe Art 3).
Along the River Bank. (Shoe Art 3).
Lazy Sundae.  (Shoe Art 3)
Lazy Sundae. (Shoe Art 3)
Rêver.  (Shoe Art 1)
Rêver. (Shoe Art 1)
Gossamer Slipper - Framed Canvas in a Room Setting.         (Shoe Art1)
Gossamer Slipper - Framed Canvas in a Room Setting. (Shoe Art1)
Terracotta Slipper.  (Shoe Art 3)
Terracotta Slipper. (Shoe Art 3)
Hot Boogy Shoe.  (Shoe Art 3)
Hot Boogy Shoe. (Shoe Art 3)
Stirred but not Shaken.  (Shoe Art 2)
Stirred but not Shaken. (Shoe Art 2)
All at Sea
All at Sea
Peacock. (Shoe Art 1)
Peacock. (Shoe Art 1)

Fantasy Shoe Art 1

Lazy Sundae
Lazy Sundae

Lazy Sundae

Summer Ice Cream Treat

Yes Please!

iCanvas Prints

(Fine Art Paper or Canvas Prints available).


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