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Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday


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Pyrography is also an interest of mine the word means 'writing with fire' and is the ancient art of burning designs into any material that will hold a scorch mark such as wood, leather and even gourds.

Pyrography is a very old art form and early examples include a cup excavated from a Nazca settlement in Peru dated before 700AD also some evidence of pyrography has been unearthed on Roman sites in Britain.  It was very popular in the 19th century when it was known as Pokerwork.

The tools used these days to produce the work are a solid point burner similar to a soldering iron or a wire-nib burner which is my tool of choice because you are able to make your own nib designs and it also allows better temperature control while burning.  Below are a few examples of my work to show the ways that pyrography can be used.

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