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In the gallery you will find my Shoe Designs and if you would like to take a peek I have also added an few extra pages showing More Designs a collection of some of my alternative design work which I hope you will enjoy looking at while you are here.


The originals of the artwork you will see on this site have been created using watercolour, pen and ink or gouache on watercolour paper except for the Grow Your Own shoe and a couple of others for which I used coloured pencils.

       Shoe Art Collection

My designing of shoe images started some years ago with just one shoe 

the 'Grow Your Own' design and has now expanded to eighty designs.

The inspirations for my shoe designs come from a wide variety of sources as far apart for example as the structure of a plant or an interesting building, everything has design potential!  I enjoy transforming thoughts and ideas into an illustration of something both desirable and unusual and also with the potential to perhaps one day be a real item of footwear.  Most of the designs you see on this site are available from BFC Creations as digitised machine embroidery designs.

I hope you enjoy your time here and return frequently to see the new images I create. 

Thank you for taking a look at my work, 

I hope some of it makes you smile...


For licensing or any other enquiries please use the Contact page.


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