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Why Shoes?

People ask.

 Why not I say! 

I thought about where we go and what we do and transferred some of these ideas to actual shoe design. Why high heels?  I assumed and rightly so I think (after hours of weaving something into a design that didn’t want to go) that between the options of flats and heels, high heels would have to be the most difficult and challenging of the two to transfer any ideas to.  The angles are very severe and because of this the subject matter chosen is not always a viable option, but persevere we must and so I produced a collection of possible and seemingly impossible shoe designs but always with the potential of actually being a usable piece of footwear.

Hot Boogy Shoe
Hot Boogy Shoe

 It’s All About the Shoes   

            (And The Music)

My shoes can turn up in the most interesting of places, no I’m not talking about the hastily kicked off ones that end up adorning the floor and furniture or the ones my lovely doggy takes for her own but my shoe designs.  

They have had many different uses over the years for example a boutique in Sweden used Lady of The Knight as their logo,  the Boogy Shoe and Hot Boogy we’re used by various singing groups, as someone said it’s just made for music.  The Hot Boogie Shoe was also used by the Krewe of Muses in New Orleans last year as their theme was Musicology. 

Digitised Embroidery Design of Holiday Shoe
Digitised Embroidery Design of Holiday Shoe

Digitised Embroidery Designs

BFC Creations continue to do a magnificent job of digitising my shoe designs for machine embroidery. There have been some gorgeous quilt designs produced over the years using the shoes and I am still amazed at the ideas people come up with, like I always say you are only limited by your imagination. 

Sally King Design article in Giuliana Ricama
Sally King Design article in Giuliana Ricama

Giuliana Ricama Needlework Magazine

Across the world to a publishing house in Verona Italy where there is a new and exciting Italian needlework magazine being produced called Giuliana Ricama it focuses on needle lace and other Italian needle art.  My Tropical shoe was featured in one of the issues, it had been used by Pietrasanta Ricama Guild of Embroideres in northern Tuscany.  

Harlequin Shoe Book Cover
Harlequin Shoe Book Cover

Book Cover

Then to Belgium Philippe Olislagers contacted me a while ago asking if he might use my Harlequin shoe on the cover of his new book saying it best illustrated his concept.  The book HISTOIRE FONDEMENTS & CONCEPTS De la CORPORÉITÉs is a science publication on corporeity for psychomotor professionals & students.  I was more than pleased to oblige as I find it very interesting knowing the stories behind people’s choices, the more unusual the better. 

So I never know where my shoes will end up!!

How about you?

Most of my work has been produced on A2 watercolour paper primarily using watercolour paint also pen and ink, gouache and Caran d’Ache Supracolor.