About Sally King Design



I started my journey of art and design studying fine art and fashion design at art school and followed through with graphic design.  I remember seeing Salvador Dalí and Rene Magritte’s work for the first time and realising that the world didn’t have to be just what we see but could be a wonderful magical place.  I also enjoy calligraphy, illuminated lettering a small sample of which can be seen on my Scribe Shoe.  Pyrography is also an interest of mine, I have added a few bits of my work to the end of the Gallery 3 pages.

People often ask me where I get my ideas from..... It can be from anywhere really. A cathedral (Stained Glass Slipper).  A boat (All at Sea).  A book, I designed a Victorian style boot (Rêver) inspired by The Night Circus a book by Erin Morgenstern.  Cobwebs (Gossamer Slipper) and the list goes on as I always say you are only limited by your imagination.  

Why high heels?  I assumed (after hours of weaving something into a design that didn’t want to go) that between the options of flats and heels, high heels would have to be the most difficult and challenging of the two to transfer any ideas to. The angles are very severe and because of this the subject matter chosen is not always a viable option, but persevere we must and so I produced a collection of possible and seemingly impossible shoe designs but always with the potential of actually being a usable piece of footwear.

I do favour the unusual or unexpected in art, two of my favourite artists are Philip Jackson well known for his beautiful sculptures and Michael Cheval his works are a wonderful game of the imagination.

I digress, going back to the unusual, that is how the shoe designs started.  I wanted to create something that you would not expect to see and use a combination of objects, places and times that would not normally be associated with shoes.  I also wanted to keep the fact that the design could still possibly be a wearable item.

Thank you for taking the time to visit, please drop me a line via the Contact page if you have time I would love to hear from you.  

Stay Safe.