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Thank you for taking the time to view my shoe designs, on the following pages you will find a Gallery showing a small selection of my other work and interests.

Shoe Design Ideas 

For the Down South Boot I was asked for something incorporating a guitar so I chose denim as the main construction with silver filigree attached somewhat reminiscent of the collar tips on a western style shirt, the guitar is a basic Fender design with an organic touch and the circle designs are evocative of sound waves.

The Rêver Boot was inspired by Erin Morgensterns book The Night Circus.  A gorgeous and wonderfully curious tale that just called out for a shoe or boot to be designed using some of the many interesting and unusual images the book created in my mind.

The Harlequin Shoe is another product conjured up due to my fascination with the Carnivale di Venezia which also inspired the masks found on the Gallery1 page and just incase you were wondering M's Shoe is Maleficent's Shoe but i'm sure you would have guessed that one!  Also lots more to enjoy, something for everyone I hope.

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